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ICF Homes and Construction

Whether it's repairing an existing foundation or designing a new one, we can help.

ICF Foundations and Homes

Insulated Concrete Forms: “The Future of Building”

At Blue Maxx, we understand the business of foundations and ICF installation better than any Manitoba company. We offer services tailored to residential and commercial projects alike. Whether you are simply repairing an existing foundation or building a custom structure, our foundation specialists can help design and build your vision.

ICF stands for “Insulated Concrete Form”. ICF blocks provide superior insulation and foundation strength by pouring concrete into rigid insulation “forms” with reinforcing steel. Forms lock together to create strong and efficient structural walls for foundations and homes.

If you are considering foundation replacement or building a new home, ICF construction has many advantages over traditional concrete methods.

Time tested and proven benefits to building ICF structures include:

Lower cost to heat and cool – Up to 80% lower energy bills!

High performance R-values that do not downgrade over time

No air infiltration – minimizes dust and allergens

Design versatility

Higher wind, fire and impact resistance

No maintenance requirements

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