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Basement Wall Bracing System

Our wall bracing systems are affordable and durable.

We Repair Cracked And Bowing Walls

We have years of experience repairing cracked and bowing walls. Our systems are minimally invasive and can provide solutions that may even straighten walls over time. If you’ve got cracked or bowed walls, then call us today for a no-obligation chat.

What Do We Do?

Cracking and bowing foundation walls are often caused by hydrostatic pressure in the earth surrounding your home. Once cracking occurs, pressure from the soil along your foundation walls can cause numerous issues.

PowerBrace offers a permanent solution for cracked or bowed walls due to the constant movement of soil. PowerBrace is foundation wall repair system that’s designed to stabilize failing basement walls as well as straighten walls over time.

I-beams have been used to reinforce basement bowing walls for decades but the with the help of our PowerBrace brackets, steel I-beams have been transformed into the most reliable foundation wall bracing system available. Whether the foundation wall is built with poured concrete, block, or wood, we have a permanent solution.

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